Who's In

You know you want to see your name listed here! Do it! Register now!

Besides, if you don't let us know you're coming it makes planning very difficult for us. Yes, you can walk-in register, but really, please do register ahead of time. There is so much work we must do to prepare.  If you even think you might come, register. You don't pay until you get here so you're out nothing.

Race #NameAircraftClass
Race 27Jim WilsonRV-8RV Gold
Race 411Jeff BarnesRV-6RV Blue
Race 3Jerry PeckLong EZSprint
Race 83Dave AdamsLong EZSprint
Race 98John KeichMidget Mustang ISprint
Race 925Daniel RoweA36 BonanzaFAC1RG-T
Race 55Team ElyGrumman AA-5AFAC5FX
Race TLLAmelia HadathCessna-150FAC6

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