Standard Course Coordinates (with instructions for ForeFlight)

Here are the Standard Course turn point coordinates for your ForeFlight or Garmin:

Format:          Foreflight                              Garmin

Start                Lat:                 40.03816                                 N 40 02.290
                        Long:              -86.25082                                W 86 15.049

Turn 1            Lat:                 40.17450                                 N 40 10.470
                        Long:              -86.22142                                W 86 13.285

Turn 2            Lat:                 40.28465                                 N 40 17.079
                        Long:              -86.85397                                W 86 51.238

Turn 3            Lat:                 40.08266                                 N 40 04.960
                        Long:              -87.26595                                W 87 15.957

Turn 4            Lat:                  39.70986                                N 39 42.592
                        Long:              -87.40076                                W 87 24.046

Turn 5            Lat:                   39.78600                               N 39 47.160
                        Long:              -86.64900                                W 86 38.940

Turn 6            Lat:                   40.00652                               N 40 00.391
                        Long:              -86.43959                                W 86 26.375

Finish            Lat:                   40.03110                                 N 40 01.866

                       Long:              -86.25237                                 W 86 15.142

Need to know how put those turn points exactly where you want them in ForeFlight? You came to the right place!

Open ForeFlight. On the bottom ribbon tap More.

Tap User Waypoints

Tap + (its in the upper right corner)

Enter a Name (such as LyonsDen), a Description (such as Turn5), and the Lat and Lon (see Coordinates page)

Tap Save (upper right corner)

Go to Maps

Pull down NavLog, (button at top of Maps page with three lines), tap Edit (lower part of the drop down)

Tap inside the box and a keyboard pops up.

Type the Name you chose for the waypoint, then space.

ForeFlight adds your waypoint at the end.

To move it where you want it just "grab" it with your finger (not a tap but a tap and hold), and slide it into the place where you want it.

The waypoint is now added to your route.
Or, in the Maps view, change the map to Aerial. 
Locate the exact point where you want to create a User Waypoint and tap and hold just a second. 
"Add to Route" will appear. 
Tap Waypoints at the bottom of that box.
The top selection contains the coordinates of the place where you tapped.
Tap More, next to that top selection.
Tap Save.
Enter a Name (Lyons Den)
Enter a Description (Turn 5)
Tap Save.
With ForeFlight's new Track Log feature you can track your flight, save and share your race. 

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