Marion County Ham Radio Operators

Marion County Ham Radio Operators

We are elated that the Marion County Ham Radio Operators are returning as ground spotters and turn point judges for the Indy Air Race! We thank them for volunteering their valuable services to work as turn point judges in 2012 and 2013 and welcome them back again!

Assembled under the leadership of Michael R. Palmer, the Amateur Radio Emergency Services radio team will be stationed at each Turn. Using ground spotters, voice and digital communications, Hams will be reporting status updates to a Command Center at the Start Line.

Voice communications around the entire course is made possible by linking ham radio repeaters together.  This is being done by using (IRLP) Internet Radio Linking Project technology.  Repeaters are connected via the internet to a single station, thus making it possible for all ground volunteers to communicate all around the route.  This is a controlled environment and the Command Center does that.

Digital communications is being done by having the Turn Coordinators connected a GPS / Computer / Ham Radio together.  This technology allows Hams to send "text messages" via ham radio to each other.  This also allows us to "see" each other on our computers.  By going to, we can view a map and located each other so we know exactly where each is.
Visit their site here.

A peek inside the sophisticated mobile station 

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