Standard Race Course Screen Shots

AUGUST 4, 2014. Note changes to last published Standard Race Course. Turn 2 is now 31IN.

This is the final course. We have added a short course for slower planes (C150, Cub, etc.). This Standard Course is very close to the same route we raced in 2011.

Check the Turn Point Coordinates Page for exact coordinates. We will print these out and have them available for you at the brief.

For ForeFlight users, simply enter the turn points into your NavLog and you'll get this:

For SkyVector fans, here's your the screen shot:

Start direction will be briefed according to the winds the morning of the race. If we depart to the north it will look like this:

Turn 1: Fly north-northeast to Sheridan Airport (5I4). Turn One is at the numbers of Runway 5.

Turn 2: 31IN Timber House, a private strip. Turn point will be a white carport structure about mid field, south of the east-west runway. There are two screen shots for this turn. At Turn 2 Short course racers will split off and go a different direction. 

Don't get mixed up and follow someone flying the other course! Short course racers will make a harder left than Standard course racers. Here's how the Turn 2 split looks:

Turn 3: Turn Three is at the north end of IN55, Songer Airstrip, a north-south turf strip just south of Veedersburg. 

Turn at the intersection of the road and the main driveway going to the buildings.

Please see both screen shots on this. The Songers have built a large white hangar on the property and you can't miss it. See second photo which includes large white hangar, a more current photo. Also, be aware the tower at this turn point is 198' so it is not on the charts. 

Hers's a current shot of the property with the new hangar:

Turn 4: 1I7 Clinton Airport, turn mid-field, over the ramp area south of the buildings.

Turn 5: From Clinton fly east to the north side of small pond on the east side of a house. This is my sister's house and she is proud to be the resident of Turn Five of the 4th Annual Indy Air Race. This turn is called The Lyons' Den. My family and friends will be out waving you on, so let's give them a good show.

Turn 6: Head north-northeast toward Turn Six, to 6I4, Boone County Airport. Turn just north of the northern most T-Hangar. You must be at or above 2,500' for this turn point. You must stay above their traffic pattern.

There are two screen shots for this turn point because this is a converging point for the Standard and Short courses.

Pay attention this turn point, where the Short course and Standard course converge. Looks like this:

Finish: From Turn 6, fly east to KTYQ, with a finish pass at Indy Executive, at the midfield taxiway.

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